A high jump classic in the making?

The high jump has given us some enthralling competitions in recent indoor seasons (remember this one?) and we could get another one tomorrow as Aleksey Dmitrik takes on Mutaz Essa Barshim in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. They’ve been trading the world-lead all winter and this will be their second encounter of 2013, with Barshim prevailing in Trinec last week. He then improved the world-lead to 2.37m in Moscow (which he cleared on his first attempt!) less than twenty-four hours after Dmitrik regained it with a 2.36m clearance in Arnstadt. Their recent form demonstrates they should both be capable of challenging Ivan Ukhov’s meeting record of 2.38m. 

Barshim in 2013

13/1/2013 Kristianstad 2.30m
20/1/2013 Vaxjo 2.33m
26/1/2013 Hustopece 2.30m
29/1/2013 Trinec 2.34m
3/2/2013 Moscow 2.37m =AR

Dmitrik in 2013

20/1/2013 St. Petersburg 2.31m
26/1/2013 Glasgow 2.31m
29/1/2013 Trinec 2.31m
2/2/2013 Arnstadt 2.36m

Best marks in Banska Bystrica

2.38m Ivan Ukhov 2010
2.38m Ukhov 2011
2.37m Stefan Holm 2007
2.36m Sorin Matei 1995
2.36m Andrey Sokolovskiy 2006
2.36m Linus Thornblad 2009
2.36m Jesse Williams 2009
2.34m Holm 2003
2.34m Holm 2004
2.34m Thornblad 2006
2.34m Holm 2008
2.34m Williams 2011
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