Quiz: How well do you know indoor athletics?

  1. Who was the first athlete to break 3:50 indoors for the mile? Eamonn Coghlan, 3:49.78 in 1983
  2. Who is the only man to have won European indoor titles at 400m and 800m? Luciano Susanj. He won the 400m in 1973 in a world record (or world best) of 46.38 and the 800m the following year 
  3. Igor Ter-Ovanesyan’s world record of 8.23m from the inaugural European Indoor Championships in 1966 stood as a championship record until 1986. Who broke it? Robert Emmiyan, 8.32m
  4. Which Brit took silver behind Silke Gladisch in the 60m at the World Indoor Championships in 1985? Heather Oakes
  5. Who are the only husband-wife combo to win shot put titles at the European Indoor Championships? (not necessarily in the same year) Bit of a trick question as they weren’t married at the time but Hartmut Briesenick (1970-72) and Ilona Slupianek (1979, 81) both won European indoor shot put titles
  6. Which 800m specialist won the world indoor 1500m women’s title in 2001? Hasna Benhassi
  7. Brittney Reese has won the last two world indoor long jump titles. Who is the only other American woman to win this title? Dawn Burell
  8. Which multi-eventer won the world indoor pentathlon title in 2001 before taking silver to Carolina Kluft in 2003? Natalya Sazanovich
  9. Who is the only female shot-putter to win European indoor medals in three different decades? Larisa Peleshenko (silver in 1988 and 1994 and gold in 2000)
  10. Which is the only current world indoor record set by a teenager? He wasn’t a junior but Kerron Clement ran 44.57 for the 400m in 2005 to break the world record
  11. Gabriela Szabo won the world indoor 1500/3000m double in 1999. Who is the only other athlete to have won both titles? (not necessarily in the same year) Elly Van Hulst. She won the 1500m in 1985 and the 3000m in 1989 in a world record.
  12. Who was the first non-Soviet born athlete to win the world indoor pole-vault title in 1999? Jean Galfione

2 thoughts on “Quiz: How well do you know indoor athletics?

  1. 1. Eamon Coghlan
    2. Borzakovskiy
    3. Robert Emmiyan
    4. Bev Kinch
    5. No idea
    6. Maria Mutola
    7. Jackie Joyner-Kersee
    8. Eunice Barber
    9. Lisovskaya?
    10. women’s 200m which is either Felix or Knight
    11. No idea.
    12. Men, no idea – a French guy?

  2. Bc_porter says:

    1. Coghlan
    2. TOUGHY
    3. Emmiyan
    4. Heather Oakes
    5. Only presumably husband wife combo are the Mikhnevich?
    6. Benhassi
    7. Sheila Burrell
    8. Sazanovich
    9. Only ones who had a long career i can think of are Fibingerova and Judy Oakes
    10. Clement and his 400m
    11. Gebreselasie
    12. Galfione

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